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1740 6011d 04h jermar /uspace/trunk/ Changes to uspace doxygen comments.  
1657 6021d 17h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Another doxygen comments.  
1031 6105d 18h cejka /uspace/trunk/ SoftFloat integrated into HelenOS uspace.  
874 6125d 01h cejka /uspace/trunk/softfloat/ 32 bit integers to float type conversions.  
865 6127d 07h cejka /uspace/trunk/softfloat/ Completed conversions from float/double to integer types.  
857 6128d 19h cejka /uspace/trunk/softfloat/ Conversion functions from float to int added.
Files arch.h and types.h from arch subdirectory should be replaced later with equivalent files from libc.