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1722 5950d 22h jermar /uspace/trunk/libc/ Revert the change that prevented uspace from compiling.  
1719 5950d 23h decky /uspace/trunk/ big code cleanup, compile with -Wall -Werror to enforce better coding
there is currently one warning that requires attention, please review
1670 5959d 02h decky /uspace/trunk/ cleanup  
1363 5981d 21h vana /uspace/trunk/ Earliest version of Userspace Framebuffer driver, with stream support in libc.
Also Virtual framebuffers made as split on main fb and its usage by streams

(please test it and report)
1113 6036d 10h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Added symbolic links 'libarch','libadt','libipc' into libc/include,
so that it can be easily used from anywhere.
Renamed thread_main to __thread_main.
Allowed MIPS to compile with -O0.
Added non-preemptible threads support (not yet secured by futexes).
Added simple way to hold Thread Local Storage. Support for compiler
will be added later.
This update breaks IA64 uspace.

There is some forgotten spinlock_lock() in futexes, amd64 gets locked
in the secod uspace thread probably with preemption disabled.
1073 6042d 09h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Userspace printf was rewritten to support standard format. Not all needed features implemented yet.  
795 6081d 04h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Modifiaction to make mips userspace work.  
504 6157d 03h decky /uspace/trunk/ uspace work  
502 6157d 04h decky /uspace/trunk/ break up uspace into separate parts