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1717 5956d 15h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Added console switching using mouse.  
1707 5957d 15h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Added mouse input. Still missing support in console and framebuffer.  
1694 5961d 18h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Modified uspace to match changes in kernel ipc/irq.
Fixed types in ega fb.
Added dummy interfacing with PS/2 mouse.
1689 5962d 15h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Update to new api.
Fixed problem with hanged up phone when pressing keys during
graphics initialization.
1674 5964d 02h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Fixed bug in scrolling in cosole redrawing different virt. consoles.  
1673 5964d 03h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fb internal update.  
1672 5964d 13h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fast uspace scrolling using double buffering.  
1649 5965d 18h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Doxygen comments update.  
1648 5965d 18h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fixed race condition in async framework on phone disconnect.  
1647 5965d 21h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Turn off animation on kconsole.  
1640 5966d 01h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Better colors for ega.
Small updates to initialization code to use only async api.
1630 5966d 12h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Small change in colors.
Added scrolling to sysio output.
1616 5966d 19h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fixed console disconnect.
Added serialization to printf.
1610 5966d 20h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Revised ipc. Now it is preferrable to use only functions from async.h, they
take care of correct buffering, waiting for answers etc.
1592 5967d 12h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Added correct disconnect handling.  
1578 5968d 13h cejka /uspace/trunk/console/ Fixed and improved dummy console switch.  
1575 5968d 17h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Support for console show/hide cursor.
Tetris without cursor.
1574 5968d 17h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Don't let processes connect to kernel console.  
1567 5968d 20h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fixed errors made by last commit.  
1563 5968d 20h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Small untested fixes in console.  

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