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1716 6018d 02h decky /kernel/trunk/ move ppc32 four pages up, move real mode code, change config  
1638 6027d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/ add some exotic resolutions  
1317 6052d 04h vana /kernel/trunk/ System information tools  
1287 6060d 12h vana /kernel/trunk/ ia32 VESA FB support  
1231 6071d 09h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Sort architectures alphabetically in kernel configuration.  
1210 6074d 10h vana /kernel/trunk/ Incomplete VHPT walker support for Itanium  
1160 6086d 07h decky /kernel/trunk/ start ppc64 port
the code is currently a wild mixture of 32/64b code, will be fixed
1101 6106d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/ B+-tree implementation.
Currently supports only inserting and searching.
1100 6106d 02h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Cleanup of spinlocks, now compiles both ia32 and amd64 with
and without DEBUG_SPINLOCKS. Made spinlocks inline.
Moved syscall_handler to generic (it was identical for ia32,amd64 & mips32).
Made slightly faster syscall for ia32.
Made better interrupt routines for ia32.
Allow not saving non-scratch registers during interrupt on ia32,amd64,mips32.
Aligned interrupt handlers on ia32,amd64, this should prevent problems
with different instruction lengths.
1096 6106d 09h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Cleanup of mips
- inline register reads
- better fpu disable/enable - global settings is automatically propagated to task
- fast syscall
1094 6106d 12h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Allowed saving less registers.  
1074 6109d 11h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Ported AMD64 debugger to ia32 and enabled AS watchpoint to ia32 as well.  
1072 6109d 11h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added debugger to AMD64.
Added automatic debugging of AS if it is not rewritten with zero.
Did small changes to IPC infrastructure.
1024 6111d 03h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Redefine semantics of unary atomic operations.
Add test to verify that an architecture understands the semantics correctly.
1023 6111d 04h vana /kernel/trunk/ Itanium FPU active context switch  
1004 6111d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/ ppc32: basic exception and interrupt handling  
929 6114d 08h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Restrict itanium test to itanium.  
928 6114d 09h vana /kernel/trunk/ Itanium tlb_invalidate_all  
892 6128d 06h vana /kernel/trunk/ Itanium active keyboard  
843 6138d 02h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Made powerpc to get on PearPC to the version print when compiled with -O1:
- create proper memory zones
- switch to real mode on boot
- kernel relocation during boot
- autodetection of framebuffer settings (PCI?) - now includes hardcoded
settings for PearPc.

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