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867 6120d 21h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move OFW functionality of ppc32 memory_init to genarch so that the code can also be used by sparc64.
sparc64 is now close to broken as it lacks functionality to provide identity mapping for the whole phyisical memory.
669 6174d 13h jermar /kernel/trunk/ sparc64 work.
kconsole support.
Add non-blocking ofw_getchar().
534 6200d 16h jermar / Rename HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel again.  
532 6200d 16h jermar / Revert renaming of HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel because of important pending patch.  
501 6212d 20h jermar / Rename HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel.  
493 6213d 13h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/ Move genarch/{src|include}/firmware/ofw to genarch/{src|include}/ofw.  
426 6235d 22h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/ sparc64 work.
Add context_save(), context_set() and context_restore().
Remove putchar() definition from ofw.c.
Add sparc64 putchar().
Add ppc32 putchar() (i.e. the original ofw.c putchar()).
Make arg.h use the builtin va_* constructs.
424 6236d 22h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/ sparc64 work.
Link kernel with load address 0x4000.
Add fragment of Linux image header to force SILO to always load the kernel at 0x4000.
Adjust ofw.h and ofw.c to work also on sparc64.
421 6240d 11h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/ Create genarch directory.
Move ppc32 ofw.[ch] to genarch.
Fix prototype for ofw_call() to return __address instead of int (please review).
Fix copyright notice in sparc64/boot/boot.S.