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1671 6025d 23h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/fb/ Eliminate deadlock condition from fb.  
1637 6027d 19h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/mm/ Improve comment.  
1636 6027d 19h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move comment.

Do TLB shootdown also when allocating new ASID.
1474 6033d 22h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added syscall that lets kernel regain access to keyboard.  
1473 6034d 00h decky /kernel/trunk/ kernel support for text-only framebuffer  
1468 6034d 04h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Function for destroying address space for which there is no other reference in the kernel.  
1424 6038d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move the sharing functionality to address space area backends.
Add backend for continuous regions of physical memory.
Sharing for these areas works automagically now.
1382 6044d 23h decky /kernel/trunk/ make hardware memory mapping more generic  
1380 6045d 00h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Turn address space lock, address space area lock and
page_ht_lock into mutexes.
1376 6046d 07h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Change the way the framebuffer is mapped so that sparc64 is usable again.  
1371 6046d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/ unify the framebuffer API
use physical address as the base address for the framebuffer
1334 6050d 12h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Force mips32 frame buffer access to be always big endian.

Fix vmaxlma.c warning when building ia64.
1327 6051d 05h decky /kernel/trunk/ split framebuffer initialization and sysinfo registration  
1318 6052d 00h vana /kernel/trunk/ Sysinfo userspace interface  
1317 6052d 01h vana /kernel/trunk/ System information tools  
1316 6052d 03h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/fb/ Forgotten in last commit... improve frame buffer speed by buffering blank line.  
1312 6053d 03h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/fb/ Fixed incorrect tabulator in framebuffer (could write outside framebuffer
1298 6058d 04h vana /kernel/trunk/ FB endian fix  
1287 6060d 09h vana /kernel/trunk/ ia32 VESA FB support  
1266 6064d 06h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/ Rename acpi/matd.c to madt.c (Multiple APIC Description Table).
Improve Doxygen comments in genarch/.

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