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1736 5818d 21h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ verbose segment and BAT registers printout  
1733 5819d 08h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/mm/ fix segment register values, ppc32 works again (both w/ and w/o BAT)  
1730 5819d 09h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ ppc32: BAT-less memory mapping (broken yet)
VSID support (broken yet)
boot API change
1702 5823d 19h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Kernel doxygen comments updated.  
1384 5847d 10h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/ ppc32 work
decrementer workaround
primitive TLB support
1374 5849d 10h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ ppc32 work
update framebuffer
get rid of the BAT memory mapping (not finished yet)
1328 5853d 18h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/ ppc32: TLB manipulation stub  
1288 5862d 21h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Complete implementation of copy_from_uspace() and copy_to_uspace()
for amd64 and ia32. Other architectures still compile and run,
but need to implement their own assembly-only memcpy(), memcpy_from_uspace(),
memcpy_to_uspace() and their failover parts. For these architectures
only dummy implementations are provided.
1270 5866d 12h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ page index and VSID fixes  
1269 5866d 14h decky /kernel/trunk/ PHT Refill handler  
1215 5875d 13h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ ppc32: stub for Page Hash Table support