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867 6120d 22h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move OFW functionality of ppc32 memory_init to genarch so that the code can also be used by sparc64.
sparc64 is now close to broken as it lacks functionality to provide identity mapping for the whole phyisical memory.
843 6126d 17h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Made powerpc to get on PearPC to the version print when compiled with -O1:
- create proper memory zones
- switch to real mode on boot
- kernel relocation during boot
- autodetection of framebuffer settings (PCI?) - now includes hardcoded
settings for PearPc.
534 6200d 18h jermar / Rename HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel again.  
532 6200d 18h jermar / Revert renaming of HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel because of important pending patch.  
501 6212d 22h jermar / Rename HelenOS/SPARTAN to HelenOS/kernel.  
342 6283d 23h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ Rename ppc port to ppc32.  
156 6316d 02h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/ PPC work in progress