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1637 5966d 10h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/mm/ Improve comment.  
1636 5966d 11h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move comment.

Do TLB shootdown also when allocating new ASID.
1635 5966d 11h decky /kernel/trunk/contrib/conf/ change default mouse grab hot-key (conflicting with kconsole)  
1633 5966d 11h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ better keyboard support  
1628 5966d 12h decky /kernel/trunk/ fixes  
1627 5966d 12h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/ Fixed size of mips processes, they are larger now.  
1625 5966d 12h decky /kernel/trunk/ ppc32 uspace keyboard support  
1621 5966d 18h vana /kernel/trunk/arch/ia64/ itanium faulting task kill  
1619 5966d 18h decky /kernel/trunk/ basic ppc32 keyboard  
1615 5966d 19h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/ mips32 version of alignment-safe memcpy.  
1613 5966d 19h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/console/ Fixed klog to use correct vsnprintf.  
1612 5966d 19h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/lib/ Generic version of memcpy that is resistent towards unaligned memory accesses.  
1611 5966d 20h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ ia64 memcpy that is unaligned pointer resistent.  
1609 5966d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ generalize ppc32 exception handling  
1606 5966d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/drivers/ dummy ppc32 keyboard  
1605 5966d 23h cejka /kernel/trunk/generic/src/printf/ Another kernel printf return value fix.  
1604 5966d 23h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Fixed printf return value.  
1601 5967d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Support loading up to 8 userspace images on ia64.  
1600 5967d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/proc/ Prevent task killing of kernel by returning EPERM on such a request.  
1599 5967d 02h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Blacklist first frame to avoid problems with allocator.  

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