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1619 5870d 13h decky /kernel/trunk/ basic ppc32 keyboard  
1615 5870d 14h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/ mips32 version of alignment-safe memcpy.  
1613 5870d 14h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/console/ Fixed klog to use correct vsnprintf.  
1612 5870d 14h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/lib/ Generic version of memcpy that is resistent towards unaligned memory accesses.  
1611 5870d 14h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ ia64 memcpy that is unaligned pointer resistent.  
1609 5870d 17h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ generalize ppc32 exception handling  
1606 5870d 17h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/drivers/ dummy ppc32 keyboard  
1605 5870d 18h cejka /kernel/trunk/generic/src/printf/ Another kernel printf return value fix.  
1604 5870d 18h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Fixed printf return value.  
1601 5870d 21h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Support loading up to 8 userspace images on ia64.  
1600 5870d 21h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/proc/ Prevent task killing of kernel by returning EPERM on such a request.  
1599 5870d 21h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Blacklist first frame to avoid problems with allocator.  
1597 5870d 22h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added possibility to interrupt task at exit from interrupt routine.  
1595 5870d 22h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added kernel circular buffer klog.
Added automatic killing of tasks raising inappropriate exceptions.
TODO: Fix vsnprintf return value(and behaviour according to specs) and remove workaround in klog.
1594 5871d 05h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Never ever walk a B+tree as you destroy it. Or vice versa.  
1593 5871d 06h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/synch/ When interrupted from sleep, pending timeouts must be unregistered.  
1591 5871d 08h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/ Small updates to ipc.  
1589 5871d 11h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/ Improve comments regarding liveliness of threads and tasks.  
1588 5871d 12h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/ In task_kill(), remove the task from the tasks_btree before proceeding.
Thus, when the kernel finds the task in the tasks_btree and locks it before
releasing tasks_lock, it is guaranteed that the task will not be destroyed
until the lock is held. If the kernel needs to unlock the task, do some operation
and lock it again, it should increase its refcount before doing so. In that case,
when releasing the lock, it must decrement the refcount and if it reaches
zero, it must call task_destroy().
1587 5871d 13h jermar /kernel/trunk/ task_destroy() implementation, fixes in as_destroy() and task_kill().
This is the first version of HelenOS that would perform complete cleanup leading from thread to destruction of address space.

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