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1448 6036d 03h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/syscall/ Better SYS_IO  
1440 6036d 20h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/include/ Added error code for timeouts.  
1438 6036d 22h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/ Correct realtime clock communication.  
1437 6036d 23h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Fix used_space_insert() to correctly service an empty used_space B+tree.  
1436 6037d 00h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Fight TLB inconsistency by proper placing of tlb_shootdown_start() and tlb_shootdown_finalize() in as.c.  
1434 6037d 02h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added 'realtime' clock interface.
Added some asm macros as memory barriers.
Added drift computing for mips platform.
1433 6037d 05h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/time/ Fix critical bug in timeout processing introduced several hours ago.  
1432 6037d 08h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/ Load four userspace tasks on mips32.  
1431 6037d 09h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Add missed_clock_ticks to CPU structure so that clock() can detect missed timer interrupts.
Architectures are required to support this in order to make time keeping accurate.
1429 6037d 10h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Make ddi_physmem_map() accept address space area flags instead of writable switch.
Thus even these types of address space areas can turn caching on, if it is desired.
1428 6037d 21h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/ Added 256K slab, so that AMD can boot (until ELF loader is fixed).
Added AS_AREA_RECV so that the caller can receive AS_AREA.
1426 6037d 22h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/mm/ Support for sharing address space areas backed up by ELF image.  
1425 6038d 00h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Make address space backend data a union.  
1424 6038d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move the sharing functionality to address space area backends.
Add backend for continuous regions of physical memory.
Sharing for these areas works automagically now.
1423 6038d 06h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Update page fault handlers to distinguish between different access modes that had caused the page fault.  
1422 6038d 08h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Modify ia64 linker script to make compilation with gcc 4.1.x possible.  
1420 6038d 09h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Upgrade toolchain to use gcc 4.1.1.
ia64 still cannot be built with combination of binutils 2.16.1 and gcc 4.1.x
1417 6039d 23h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Modify as_area_share() to accept destination area flags bitmask from the sender
(i.e. the sender can limit access mode to the shared area for the recipient).
Modify IPC_M_AS_AREA_SEND code to support this. Arguments for sender: arg1=as_area,
arg2=size, arg3=flags_mask.

The mechanism seems to work, but the page fault handlers need to be altered to
distinguish between faults under different access modes.
1416 6040d 10h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Make implementation of condition variables compliant with their definition.
Signal operation must become a no-op if there is no thread in the wait operation.
Remove condvar_trywait() which has no meaning after this change.
1415 6040d 11h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Some renaming to prevent confusion.
as_lock -> inactive_as_with_asid_lock
as_t::refcount -> as_t::cpu_refcount

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