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1165 6014d 04h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ set ELF format explicitly  
1164 6014d 04h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Switch B+tree node allocation from malloc() to a dedicated slab - btree_node_slab.  
1163 6014d 05h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ fix types  
1162 6014d 05h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ make the ppc ports generate proper 32b or 64b code  
1161 6014d 05h decky /kernel/trunk/ remove AFLAGS from C argument list  
1160 6014d 05h decky /kernel/trunk/ start ppc64 port
the code is currently a wild mixture of 32/64b code, will be fixed
1159 6014d 05h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Replace list of all tasks with B+tree of all tasks.  
1158 6014d 06h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Replace list of all threads with B+tree of all threads.
Add function thread_exists() for querying existence of thread.
1156 6014d 07h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Sleeping in a wait queue can be now interrupted with
1154 6018d 03h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/adt/ Fix critical bug in hash table initialization.
Only half of the table was actually allocated and initialized.
1153 6018d 09h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/synch/ Because of another race condition, futex_wakeup() needs to be able to allocate and initialize the kernel futex structure too.  
1151 6018d 10h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/mm/ ppc32: mark four first frames as unavailable  
1150 6019d 12h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Rename btree_node_left_sibling() to btree_leaf_node_left_neighbour()
and btree_node_right_sibling() to btree_leaf_node_right_neighbour()
as the left and right neighbours of a node needn't be its siblings.
1149 6019d 22h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/include/mm/ s/B+-tree/B+tree/  
1148 6019d 22h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/ s/B+-tree/B+tree/  
1147 6019d 23h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Deploy B+tree in address space area management.
Change as_remap() to check for conflicts with other address space areas only when the area in question grows.
1145 6021d 06h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ align ppc32 framebuffer on 128K boundary  
1144 6022d 02h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Completed B+-tree support.
Enable btree_remove().
Reorder some static functions and group them together.
Fix order of nodes in the leaf_head list.
1142 6022d 10h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Update B+-tree code.
The code is there, btree_remove() has not been tested yet.
(Fixes, if any, are to come later today.)
1141 6023d 07h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/ipc/ Completed ipc_cleanup, it should be somehow integrated into
cleanup of task. The function can sleep.

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