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1783 5877d 11h jermar /boot/trunk/ Some 32-bit vs. 64-bit fixes.

Make the call to OpenFirmware client interface architecture dependent.
For instance and contrary to my previous experience, the sparc64 version of
'translate' method would not work reliably unless the Address Mask bit in the
PSTATE register is cleared during duration of the call.

sparc64 and ppc32 OpenFirmware seem to differ in details, for example, the above
mentioned method 'translate' signals success by setting the first return value
to -1 on sparc64 while on ppc32 the value is/stays (???) zero.
1214 5956d 12h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ initially fill segment registers  
913 6003d 00h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ ppc bootstrap almost working  
885 6011d 20h decky /boot/trunk/ move ppc32 boot loader to /boot tree