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1598 5832d 23h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/ Added ipcc and klog to amd64 and ia32 architectures.  
1529 5836d 12h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/ Added tetris to ia32 and amd64  
1456 5839d 12h decky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ create ISO image instead of floppy image (for AMD64)  
1450 5839d 21h cejka /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ Amd64 boot support for console driver.  
1361 5853d 08h vana /boot/trunk/arch/ boot subdir for uspace FB driver  
1348 5853d 21h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ Added keyboard driver to amd64.  
1300 5861d 20h vana /boot/trunk/arch/ Comment unsupported build targets  
1299 5861d 20h vana /boot/trunk/arch/ Move grub.conf outside the image  
1182 5886d 23h jermar /boot/trunk/arch/ Load pci module on ia32 and amd64.  
1046 5914d 18h decky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ add ns  
1009 5915d 19h cejka /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ Uspace included to rebuild image.boot  
801 5952d 09h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ Copy init to amd boot loader.  
708 5974d 17h decky /boot/trunk/ unify boot, kernel and uspace config system  
679 5985d 10h decky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ AMD64 support