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1739 6012d 04h decky /boot/trunk/ ppc32 debug messages  
1738 6012d 05h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ properly place PHT on top of physical memory  
1737 6012d 06h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ pick the best BAT mapping  
1732 6012d 17h decky /boot/trunk/ fix wrong segment register value
add CONFIG_BAT define
1728 6012d 17h decky /boot/trunk/ ppc32: BAT usage is now optional
better VSID support
Page Hash Table cleanup
boot API change
1725 6013d 00h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ allocate page hash table during boot
(preliminary code, will be fixed properly later)
1715 6013d 22h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ move ppc32 four pages up  
1714 6013d 22h decky /boot/trunk/ change config  
1685 6020d 07h decky /boot/trunk/arch/mips32/ mips piggybacker  
1679 6021d 00h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ remove redundant section  
1654 6022d 21h palkovsky /boot/trunk/tools/ Fix bad fix.  
1651 6023d 00h palkovsky /boot/trunk/tools/ Fixed config with bad dialog.  
1620 6024d 01h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ update boot loader API  
1607 6024d 05h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ ppc32 sync  
1602 6024d 08h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ add ipcc and klog to ppc32  
1598 6024d 09h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/ Added ipcc and klog to amd64 and ia32 architectures.  
1529 6027d 22h palkovsky /boot/trunk/arch/ Added tetris to ia32 and amd64  
1479 6029d 11h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ more debugging  
1478 6029d 12h decky /boot/trunk/ ppc32 bootloader debugging facility  
1456 6030d 23h decky /boot/trunk/arch/amd64/ create ISO image instead of floppy image (for AMD64)  

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