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170 5601d 04h jermar /refman/trunk/ Produce lighter documentation.
Do without source browser and reference relations.
Generate documentation only for documented code.
167 5602d 22h jermar /refman/trunk/ Add separate doxyfiles for each uspace-capable architecture.  
165 5603d 12h jermar /refman/trunk/ Segregate kernel documentation again.
This time, there is a complete reference manual for each architecture (only amd64 is lacking documentation for
symlinked files). There is no generic documentation. Each architecture should document only things that are
used by it (i.e. it never documents the whole genarch).
164 5606d 15h jermar /refman/trunk/ Automatically patch Doxygen-generated documentation to display horizontal lists in modules.html.
The uspace is a little problematic because of the IPC and malloc modules.
163 5607d 02h cejka /refman/trunk/ Added path to file with modules definition.  
161 5607d 15h jermar /refman/trunk/ Do not generate latex documentation.  
158 5607d 23h cejka /refman/trunk/ Doxygen refman update.  
147 5613d 03h cejka /refman/trunk/ Doxygen doc structure for uspace updated.  
134 5613d 15h cejka /refman/trunk/ Generic uspace doxyfile updated.  
23 5654d 23h jermar /refman/trunk/ Fixes for previous commit.
One typo and one missing file.
22 5654d 23h jermar /refman/trunk/ Improve refman infrastructure.
Almost directory structure independent build process.
The only requirement is that HelenOS and HelenOS-doc
are in the same directory and that refman is checked
out in HelenOS-doc.
2 5676d 17h jermar /refman/trunk/ Change paths to reflect new hierarchy.  
1 5676d 18h jermar / Initial import.