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162 5607d 13h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/ Fixes for the project documentation.  
156 5613d 00h palkovsky /prjdoc/trunk/spec/ Doc update.  
155 5613d 00h decky /prjdoc/trunk/ append specification (ready to annotate)  
148 5613d 02h palkovsky /prjdoc/trunk/tools/ Doc update.  
115 5613d 20h decky /prjdoc/trunk/ rename Bibliography to References  
78 5615d 16h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/ Add note about porting tetris.
Add some links into references.
63 5618d 16h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/project/ Add paragraph about coding style.  
51 5624d 01h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/tools/ Remove remark about the impossibility to build ia64 kernel with combination of binutils 2.16.1 and gcc 4.1.0.  
42 5637d 20h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/ Project documentation update.  
36 5643d 16h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/ Project documentation update.  
33 5645d 19h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/ Project documentation update.  
32 5649d 21h jermar /prjdoc/trunk/tools/ Add Simics experiences.  
31 5650d 15h jermar /prjdoc/ Move the prjdoc stuff to trunk.  
30 5650d 15h jermar /prjdoc/ Import initial project documentation.  
29 5650d 15h jermar /prjdoc/ Create project documentation directory.