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185 3704d 07h schaabova /design/trunk/src/ fix ticket #13  
171 5265d 09h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Update our documentation a bit.
- Undead -> Lingering
- Pseudo thread -> Fibril
- add mention about arm32, ia32xen, ppc64 and sparc64
- someone should try to verify that it still can be built
(doesn't build PDF for me)
169 5640d 11h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Fix more typos.  
168 5640d 11h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Two typos.  
160 5645d 13h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Fixes in mm documentation and some minor fixes in ipc.  
159 5645d 14h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Add missing ().  
157 5647d 13h jermar /design/trunk/src/ IPC review and fixes.

Fixed labels of TLD figures.
151 5650d 18h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Documentation update.  
146 5650d 19h palkovsky /design/trunk/src/ Doc updates.  
145 5650d 19h jermar /design/trunk/src/images/ Fixed architecture overview figure.  
142 5651d 04h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Formulation change and a small fix.  
141 5651d 04h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Improved and fixed graphics.  
140 5651d 05h palkovsky /design/trunk/src/ Doc updates.  
139 5651d 05h palkovsky /design/trunk/src/ doc updates.  
138 5651d 05h palkovsky /design/trunk/src/ Small updates.  
137 5651d 05h palkovsky /design/trunk/src/ Doc updates. Fixed validity of xml.  
136 5651d 06h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Add two mm figures to the text.  
135 5651d 07h bondari /design/trunk/  
133 5651d 07h jermar /design/trunk/src/ Documentation fixes.  
132 5651d 07h bondari /design/trunk/src/  

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