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3485 5113d 16h jermar /trunk/ Support for SYSENTER on ia32.  
3369 5152d 21h decky /trunk/ configurable cross-compiler prefix (using CROSS_PREFIX)  
3233 5183d 22h decky /trunk/ remove dummy page coloring facility, which is currenty not used  
3222 5202d 22h svoboda /trunk/ Merge program-loader related stuff from dynload branch to trunk. (huge)  
3007 5245d 19h jermar /trunk/ Improve linking and loading of boot ELF images.
(Contributed by Jiri Svoboda)
2861 5285d 18h cejka /trunk/ Used common macro for context saving on ppc64.  
2798 5298d 17h jermar /trunk/uspace/ Replace all endian.h in uspace with a copy of the kernel's respective byteorder.h.  
2745 5335d 02h decky /trunk/ code cleanup (mostly signed/unsigned)
allow extra compiler warnings
2591 5449d 21h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/arch/ppc64/src/ Fix file included by ppc64's tls.c.  
2586 5454d 15h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/ Unify implementations of TLS variant I and variant II __alloc_tls() and
2580 5456d 17h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/arch/ In all architectures' uspace linker scripts, define the _tls_alignment symbol.  
2541 5488d 01h jermar /trunk/uspace/ Header cleanup.
Move off_t, size_t and ssize_t into sys/types.h.
Get rid off the non-standard and dummy types.h.
2528 5497d 20h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/ Modify parts of the build system and libc to support building applications on
paths with differing distances from lib/libc (e.g. uspace/srv/ns and
2482 5579d 13h jermar /trunk/ Goodbye pseudo threads, welcome fibrils.
The renaming might still be incomplete.
2479 5584d 00h jermar /trunk/ New, better-structured, directory layout for uspace.  
2082 5736d 01h decky /trunk/ __asm__ __volatile__ -> asm volatile  
2071 5740d 17h jermar /trunk/ (c) versus (C)  
2015 5779d 17h jermar /trunk/ Rework support for virtually indexed cache.
Instead of repeatedly flushing the data cache, which was a huge overkill, refuse to create an illegal address alias
in the kernel (again) and allocate appropriate page color in userspace instead. Extend the detection also to

Add support for tracking physical memory areas mappable by SYS_PHYSMEM_MAP.

Lots of coding style changes.
1866 5875d 17h jermar /trunk/uspace/ Indentation and formatting facelift for libc.
Libc headers now have C99 compliant guards.
1863 5878d 17h jermar /trunk/ Allow architectures to decide between inlined and not inlined version of syscall wrapper.
Implement inlined syscall wrapper for sparc64.

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