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3844 4986d 02h decky /trunk/ silent kernel console output when user space console is active  
3800 4999d 03h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/ simplify compile options  
3790 5009d 11h svoboda /trunk/kernel/ Make newlines in panic messages consistent. Add periods at end of messages so that it is obvious whether they are printed entirely.  
3788 5010d 01h svoboda /trunk/kernel/ Unify newlines in fault_if_from_uspace() format strings. (Remove them and print newline automatically). Also start messages with caps.  
3706 5032d 04h decky /trunk/ cstyle & small fixes  
3369 5143d 06h decky /trunk/ configurable cross-compiler prefix (using CROSS_PREFIX)  
3274 5160d 08h jermar /trunk/ memcpy(), memmove() and similar functions return dst instead of src.
Fix all implementations, including those in assembly. ppc32 assembly
version didn't seem to be affected by this.
3233 5174d 08h decky /trunk/ remove dummy page coloring facility, which is currenty not used  
3222 5193d 07h svoboda /trunk/ Merge program-loader related stuff from dynload branch to trunk. (huge)  
3104 5225d 16h svoboda /trunk/kernel/ Declare arguments for memstr.h operations as pointers instead of uintptr_t.  
3071 5228d 08h decky /trunk/kernel/ reflect changes in generic code
proper formatting directives
coding style
3070 5228d 08h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/ introduce portable formatting directives
remove common types
2780 5308d 11h cejka /trunk/ Fixed broken context_offset.h symlinks for mips32eb and ia32xen.  
2774 5308d 14h cejka /trunk/kernel/arch/ Context.s renamed to context.S for ia32 and fixed links for ia32xen.
Added asm macros for context save/restore and offset definitions.
2745 5325d 12h decky /trunk/ code cleanup (mostly signed/unsigned)
allow extra compiler warnings
2725 5346d 09h decky /trunk/kernel/ remove config.memory_size, get_memory_size() and memory_init.{c|d}
the amount of available memory can be calculated from the sizes of the zones
add FRAMES2SIZE, SIZE2KB and SIZE2MB functions/macros (code readability)
2723 5347d 07h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/ remove memory_print_map(), as it duplicates functionality of physmem_print()  
2721 5347d 09h decky /trunk/kernel/ convert e820list to a generic physmem command  
2599 5434d 00h decky /trunk/kernel/ replace prescott cpu type with currently more known category  
2467 5584d 06h jermar /trunk/ Improve comments for arch-specific implementations of hierarchical
4-level page tables. Improve formatting.

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