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3892 4972d 00h jermar /trunk/ Get rid of CONFIG_DEBUG_AS_WATCHPOINT.  
3880 4974d 01h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/ simplify configuration
introduce arch_construct_function and inb/outb (sometimes empty) on all platforms
various code cleanup
3707 5032d 02h decky /trunk/ kconsole is optional
kernel & uspace framebuffer rewrite with speedups (some things are slightly broken yet)
3138 5217d 09h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/amd64/src/ Formatting fixes for amd64 debugger.  
3071 5228d 06h decky /trunk/kernel/ reflect changes in generic code
proper formatting directives
coding style
2767 5313d 01h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/amd64/src/ Fix breakage in non-debug amd64 build.  
2712 5351d 07h decky /trunk/kernel/ prettyprint output  
2441 5596d 23h decky /trunk/kernel/ fix ICC compilation  
2100 5719d 02h decky /trunk/kernel/ signed/unsigned comparison, explicit typecast  
2071 5731d 00h jermar /trunk/ (c) versus (C)  
1888 5856d 04h jermar /trunk/ C99 compliant header guards (hopefully) everywhere in the kernel.
Formatting and indentation changes.
Small improvements in sparc64.
1787 5921d 02h decky / move kernel/trunk, uspace/trunk and boot/trunk to trunk/kernel, trunk/uspace and trunk/boot  
1780 5928d 04h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Replace old __u?? types with respective C99 variants (e.g. uint32_t, int64_t, uintptr_t etc.).  
1705 5948d 09h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Added file with modules definitions and descriptions.
We are able to change modules order and their description in one place.
1702 5949d 06h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Kernel doxygen comments updated.  
1221 6000d 22h decky /kernel/trunk/ printf-related and other code cleanup  
1196 6007d 08h cejka /kernel/trunk/ Printf ported back from uspace to kernel.
Printf calls changed to match new conventions.
1077 6037d 07h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Modified debugger to be able to coexist in AS watch mode and SMP.  
1074 6037d 09h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Ported AMD64 debugger to ia32 and enabled AS watchpoint to ia32 as well.  
1072 6037d 09h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Added debugger to AMD64.
Added automatic debugging of AS if it is not rewritten with zero.
Did small changes to IPC infrastructure.