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2649 5407d 07h jermar /trunk/boot/arch/ Enable tmpfs in arm32, ia32xen, ia64, ppc32, ppc64 and sparc64.  
2551 5486d 21h cejka /trunk/ DevMap, VFS and FAT added to boot images for all architectures.  
2479 5584d 01h jermar /trunk/ New, better-structured, directory layout for uspace.  
2185 5662d 02h decky /trunk/ rename ipcc to tester  
2071 5740d 18h jermar /trunk/ (c) versus (C)  
2014 5781d 20h decky /trunk/ version bump to Xen 3.0.3 (not fully operational yet)  
2013 5781d 20h decky /trunk/boot/arch/ bump to GRUB version 0.97  
1952 5827d 20h jermar /trunk/ Rename xen32 to ia32xen.
The name seems to be more logical as Xen supports more host architectures.
1825 5909d 21h decky /trunk/boot/arch/xen32/ optional xen binary with debugging enabled  
1802 5925d 14h decky /trunk/ cleanup and unify the build system  
1787 5930d 20h decky / move kernel/trunk, uspace/trunk and boot/trunk to trunk/kernel, trunk/uspace and trunk/boot  
1775 5938d 07h decky /boot/trunk/ initial support for Xen