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4687 4551d 16h jermar /tags/0.4.1/ Tag 0.4.1  
4686 4551d 16h jermar /trunk/ Bump version to 0.4.1 (Escalopino).  
4685 4551d 16h jermar /trunk/ Fix 16bpp modes.  
4684 4552d 15h svoboda /trunk/ Even more warnings.  
4683 4552d 15h svoboda /trunk/uspace/srv/pci/ Fix trigraphs warning.  
4682 4552d 17h svoboda /trunk/uspace/ Fix warnings in Bdsh and PCI lib.  
4681 4552d 18h svoboda /trunk/uspace/app/ More warnings.  
4680 4552d 18h svoboda /trunk/uspace/ Fix some warnings.  
4676 4554d 18h jermar /trunk/ RGB conversion functions should work with a well-defined pixel format.  
4675 4555d 21h decky /trunk/ cleanup some of the dirty hacks introduced into the arm32 port
add default configurations for the two supported arm32 variants
4674 4555d 22h decky /trunk/boot/arch/arm32/ there is no need to pass the MACHINE value explicitly in  
4673 4555d 22h decky /trunk/ improve consistency  
4672 4556d 18h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/mips32/include/ Add simple atomic_lock_arch() to mips32 so that it builds for the msim target.  
4671 4557d 01h decky /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/generic/ the size argument to split_mark() should include the header and footer size  
4670 4558d 00h jermar /trunk/kernel/generic/src/ipc/ Interrupts should be disabled when acquiring answerbox's irq_lock.  
4669 4558d 00h pillai /trunk/ ARM port for development board integratorcp(ARM926EJ core module).  
4664 4561d 21h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/ia64/include/ Add simple atomic_lock_arch() for ia64  
4662 4563d 18h svoboda /trunk/ Make automatic start of BDDs and mounting of /data optional and disabled by default not to mess with people's hard drivers.  
4661 4563d 18h svoboda /trunk/uspace/app/trace/ Update proto definitions in tracer.  
4660 4563d 19h svoboda /trunk/uspace/app/trace/ Cope with ipc_call_sync_slow() overwriting input argument with output argument. This fixes the tracer not understanding connect_to_me_blocking().  

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