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3872 4984d 04h decky /trunk/ cleanup: remove unsupported or broken ports
(there are out-of-sync with the rest of the code and a fresh start is needed)
3866 4986d 04h svoboda /trunk/uspace/srv/fb/ Make EGA fb driver handle colors correctly when servicing a DRAW_TEXT_DATA request.  
3850 4995d 00h svoboda /trunk/uspace/app/trace/ Slighly update protocol defs in tracer.  
3849 4995d 01h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/vfs/ Allow VFS to interconnect two file system servers.  
3847 4995d 02h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/vfs/ Do not close connection to VFS after a file system registers.  
3845 4995d 15h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/ Nuke VFS operations structure.  
3844 4995d 17h decky /trunk/ silent kernel console output when user space console is active  
3834 4996d 20h svoboda /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/cmds/modules/ls/ Fix file-size display on big-endian machines. Also, rather use off_t than uint64_t for holding file size.  
3831 4997d 03h decky /trunk/uspace/srv/kbd/arch/ppc32/src/ fix typo  
3829 4997d 21h decky /trunk/ use macio optionally  
3820 4999d 19h svoboda /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/generic/ Delay connecting to console until first use. Prevents a failed load attempt from trashing an inactive VC.  
3819 5001d 18h jermar /trunk/ Introduce a new syscall: SYS_IPC_FORWARD_SLOW.  
3818 5002d 00h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/include/ipc/ Optimize ipc.h.  
3816 5004d 21h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/cmds/modules/cp/ cstyle (nits) 80 column limit  
3815 5004d 21h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/cmds/modules/ Stop using assert() in modules/builtins as abort() will crash the entire shell.
Handle the case and report the issue, leaving the user able to reproduce it
without rebooting.
3814 5004d 23h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/cmds/modules/ls/ ls now prints file sizes  
3813 5005d 00h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/ Get rid of cli_strdup(), cli_strtok(), cli_strtok_r(), just use facilities in libc  
3812 5005d 07h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/ Get rid of cli_restricted and cli_interactive  
3811 5005d 07h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/ exit should be a builtin, since it will eventually need to know about running jobs  
3810 5005d 07h post /trunk/uspace/app/bdsh/cmds/ Update the mknewcmd script  

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