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2782 5054d 17h jermar /tags/0.3.0/ Tagging HelenOS 0.3.0.  
2781 5058d 01h cejka /trunk/ Unified context saving/restoring macros in ppc32.  
2780 5058d 01h cejka /trunk/ Fixed broken context_offset.h symlinks for mips32eb and ia32xen.  
2779 5058d 02h cejka /trunk/ Context saving/restoring macros used for mips32.  
2778 5058d 03h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/arch/ia32/src/ Fix jmp_buf vs. context structure in comment.  
2777 5058d 04h cejka /trunk/ Unified context handling code for amd64.  
2776 5058d 04h cejka /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/arch/ia32/src/ Context saving/restoring code replaced with macro.  
2775 5058d 05h cejka /trunk/kernel/arch/ia32/src/ Added missing ia32/context.S from last commit.  
2774 5058d 05h cejka /trunk/kernel/arch/ Context.s renamed to context.S for ia32 and fixed links for ia32xen.
Added asm macros for context save/restore and offset definitions.
2773 5058d 05h cejka /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/ United headers using context_t in uspace.  
2772 5060d 18h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/arm32/src/mm/ Fix breakage in arm32 non-debug build.  
2771 5061d 17h jermar /trunk/uspace/lib/libc/generic/vfs/ Simplify the libc procedure needed to convert a user-supplied path to an
absolute canonical path.
2770 5061d 17h jermar /trunk/uspace/ Introduce fs_handle_t, dev_handle_t and fs_index_t.  
2769 5062d 16h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/vfs/ VFS index needs to be treated as uint64_t.  
2768 5062d 18h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/vfs/ Fibril serialization is required when two file systems register contemporarily.  
2767 5062d 19h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/amd64/src/ Fix breakage in non-debug amd64 build.  
2766 5063d 18h jermar /trunk/uspace/srv/vfs/ Grab the nodes_futex when manipulating node link counts in rename() and

Fix VFS futex definitions and declarations by replacing atomic_t by futex_t.
2765 5063d 18h jermar /trunk/kernel/generic/src/proc/ tasklet.c needs to include config.h  
2764 5063d 20h jermar /trunk/ Bump version to 0.3.0.  
2763 5063d 21h jermar /trunk/uspace/ Support for rename().  

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