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2474 5588d 15h jermar /tags/ Add tag for HelenOS  
2473 5588d 15h jermar /trunk/ Bump version to (Twilight).  
2472 5589d 17h jermar /trunk/kernel/generic/src/ipc/ Some left-over stuff from the last commit (IPC cleanup and improved
2471 5589d 17h jermar /trunk/ Greatly improve comments in the IPC layer.
Now I think I finally start to understand our IPC internals :-)
2470 5593d 15h jermar /trunk/ Fix a double-free recently introduced in revision r2436.
Add a comment clarifying the life-cycle of the kernel_uarg structure.

Comment out the freeing of userspace thread stack while still running on it.
This should be fixed by implementing userspace version of thread_join().
2469 5593d 16h jermar /trunk/uspace/libc/generic/ Fix a bug in userspace thread_create() that confused success of the
syscall with failure.
2468 5593d 18h jermar /trunk/ Remove some forgotten \r from arm32 files.
Formatting changes.
Add some correct BOOT_mips32_* guards.
2467 5593d 19h jermar /trunk/ Improve comments for arch-specific implementations of hierarchical
4-level page tables. Improve formatting.
2465 5598d 22h jermar /trunk/ Merge arm32 into trunk.  
2462 5600d 16h jermar /trunk/kernel/ Replace gcc-specific __FUNCTION__ with C99 __func__.
suncc's xregs=no%float can be used only on sparc64.
2460 5600d 17h jermar /trunk/kernel/ Better infrastructure for building with different compilers.
Separate ICC_CFLAGS added, SUNCC_CFLAGS extended.
2459 5600d 20h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/ Fix a bug in ia32 and ia32xen Sun Studio builds.
In arch, SUNCC_CFLAGS can only be appended via the += operator.
2458 5600d 20h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/mips32/ Fix mips32 build script.
2457 5600d 20h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/ia32xen/src/smp/ Fix ia32xen so that it can be built.  
2455 5601d 15h jermar /trunk/kernel/ Some non-C files (e.g. .S and linker scripts) must be still "compiled" with gcc and GCC_CFLAGS.  
2454 5601d 15h jermar /trunk/kernel/ A bit of infrastructure for building with different compilers.
As of now, there are no separate ICC_CFLAGS, but can be easily added.
2453 5601d 21h jermar /trunk/kernel/ More suncc fixes.
- remove more empty declarations
- add options to turn errors on empty structs into warnings and options to
silence these warnings
2452 5601d 23h jermar /trunk/kernel/ More suncc fixes.
- Removed extra semicolons after function declaration.
- Sun Studio recognizes only C99 __func__ and no gcc-specific __FUNCTION__.
In this case, a simple -D option can fix the problem.
2451 5602d 17h jermar /trunk/kernel/generic/ JoinMe -> Lingering  
2449 5605d 04h decky /trunk/uspace/rd/ remove unnecessary includes  

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