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1967 5562d 16h jermar /tags/ Tagging release  
1835 5649d 02h decky /trunk/ extraversion bump (and a test of new SVN repository)  
1834 5649d 13h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/src/ xen32: fix initial stack  
1833 5649d 13h decky /trunk/kernel/ more sophisticated initial stack handling  
1832 5649d 14h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ remap console page  
1831 5649d 15h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32: proper virtual traps, domU asynchronous console  
1830 5649d 17h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32: enable/disable interrupts  
1829 5649d 17h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32: initialize virtual IDT  
1828 5649d 19h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32: fork proc, get to the console (w/o preemption)  
1827 5649d 19h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/src/ print memory map  
1826 5649d 20h decky /trunk/kernel/generic/src/main/ some debugging output  
1825 5649d 20h decky /trunk/boot/arch/xen32/ optional xen binary with debugging enabled  
1824 5649d 21h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32: use writable page tables, cleanup mm  
1823 5649d 22h jermar /trunk/kernel/arch/sparc64/ sparc64 work.
Dump take_over_tlb_and_tt() and add its assembly language replacement.
1822 5650d 03h jermar /trunk/ sparc64 work.
1. Formatting fixes.
2. When writing to DMMU ASI's, simple membar() can be used in place of flush().
3. Substantial changes in the way the TLB is taken over.
4. Remove unneeded functions.

This is the first revision that also runs on a real world Ultra 5 with UltraSPARC IIi

Note that 3. needs further work as the current implementation depends on the fact
that the compiler will use registers for local variables in take_over_tlb_and_tt().
Rewrite of that function into assembly is to follow.
1821 5651d 22h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/xen32/ xen32 cleanup  
1820 5653d 15h decky /trunk/kernel/generic/ initial security context support  
1819 5653d 15h decky /trunk/kernel/generic/include/ formatting changes  
1818 5656d 17h decky /trunk/kernel/ make burst updates  
1817 5657d 13h decky /trunk/kernel/arch/ xen32 work: create identity mapping for the main memory zone,
make several dummy modifications to get to the banner

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