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1968 5562d 15h jermar /tags/ Canonize pre- tags: remove inner branches, tags and trunk directories.
The change now should reflect how those releases looked like after checkout.
1966 5562d 16h jermar /tags/ Tagging release  
1752 5693d 02h decky /kernel/trunk/ move to  
1751 5693d 03h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Sligtly more efficient ipc.  
1750 5693d 15h decky /kernel/trunk/contrib/conf/ get back -X removed by mistake  
1749 5693d 15h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/ remove forgotten address translation  
1748 5693d 16h decky /boot/trunk/arch/mips32/loader/ bugfix  
1747 5693d 16h decky /boot/trunk/ mips32 binary format choice  
1746 5693d 16h decky /kernel/trunk/ prepare GXEmul kernel to use the boot loader  
1745 5693d 16h jermar /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc64/src/mm/ Make defunct ppc64 kernel compile again.  
1744 5693d 16h decky /boot/trunk/arch/mips32/loader/ use stack in unmapped segment  
1743 5693d 17h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/src/mm/ fix compiler warning  
1742 5693d 17h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/ Fix bad booting address on MIPS when not compiled in debug mode.  
1741 5693d 18h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/arch/mips32/src/drivers/ Fix panic if continue after non-initialized kbd.  
1740 5693d 23h jermar /uspace/trunk/ Changes to uspace doxygen comments.  
1739 5694d 00h decky /boot/trunk/ ppc32 debug messages  
1738 5694d 01h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ properly place PHT on top of physical memory  
1737 5694d 02h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ pick the best BAT mapping  
1736 5694d 02h decky /kernel/trunk/arch/ppc32/ verbose segment and BAT registers printout  
1735 5694d 03h decky /kernel/trunk/ make kernel prints case consistent  

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