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1968 5562d 15h jermar /tags/ Canonize pre- tags: remove inner branches, tags and trunk directories.
The change now should reflect how those releases looked like after checkout.
1965 5562d 16h jermar /tags/ Tagging release  
1696 5700d 00h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Move to bugfixing release.
When the EXTRAVERSION is non-zero, make the release string appear as e.g.
When the EXTRAVERSION is zero, then the release string appears as eg. 0.2.0.
1695 5700d 19h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/console/ Inform the user about the kernel relinquishing the console on continue command.  
1694 5700d 20h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Modified uspace to match changes in kernel ipc/irq.
Fixed types in ega fb.
Added dummy interfacing with PS/2 mouse.
1693 5700d 20h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/ Modified ipc/irq to be able to pass up to 3 arguments to userspace.  
1692 5700d 20h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/arch/amd64/include/ Fix prein/predec instructions to be the same as on ia32.  
1691 5700d 21h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/arch/ia32/include/ Fix either bad compiler or bad code. The net result is better
optimization in GCC
1690 5701d 17h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Yet another fix with framebuffer.  
1689 5701d 17h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/console/ Update to new api.
Fixed problem with hanged up phone when pressing keys during
graphics initialization.
1688 5701d 23h jermar /uspace/trunk/tetris/ Fix tetris to update fallrate when restarting the game.  
1687 5702d 00h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/proc/ Fix double thread_join() in ktaskgc.
In thread_create(), lock TASK with interrupts disabled again.
thread_join_timeout() can use ordinary waitq_sleep_timeout().
1686 5702d 02h decky /kernel/trunk/ update mips32 boot loading API  
1685 5702d 02h decky /boot/trunk/arch/mips32/ mips piggybacker  
1684 5702d 03h jermar /kernel/trunk/ #ifdef more debugging printf()'s.  
1683 5702d 04h jermar /kernel/trunk/genarch/src/fb/ Pass correct yres to userspace framebuffer.  
1682 5702d 06h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/ Fast framebuffer scrolling in kconsole. Eats some memory though.  
1681 5702d 13h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/synch/ Avoid tricky race condition between waitq_wakeup() and the pair
of waitq_timeouted_sleep() and waitq_interrupt_sleep().
Mutual exclusion != Synchronization.
1680 5702d 13h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/src/proc/ Add interrupts_restore() to thread_join_timeout(). Note that this is not necessary, because
waitq_sleep_finish() does the job for thread_join_timeout(). However, the code looks more
correct in the form with interrupts_restore().
1679 5702d 20h decky /boot/trunk/arch/ppc32/loader/ remove redundant section  

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