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1968 5562d 15h jermar /tags/ Canonize pre- tags: remove inner branches, tags and trunk directories.
The change now should reflect how those releases looked like after checkout.
1964 5562d 16h jermar /tags/0.2.0/ Tagging release 0.2.0  
1665 5704d 03h jermar /kernel/trunk/ Update version to 0.2.0 (Daylight).  
1664 5704d 03h vana /uspace/trunk/libc/arch/ia64/ Ia64 MALLOC Config  
1663 5704d 03h vana /uspace/trunk/libc/ Uspace synchronous fpu context managing  
1662 5704d 04h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/generic/src/main/ Responsive kconsole after test finished.  
1661 5704d 04h jermar /kernel/trunk/generic/ Collect Undead threads while waiting to join uinit.
Rename ktaskkill to ktaskgc.
1660 5704d 04h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ FPU psthread support for mips.  
1659 5704d 05h vana /kernel/trunk/generic/src/main/ No uspace if tests  
1658 5704d 05h vana /kernel/trunk/test/ Detaching threads in tests  
1657 5704d 12h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Another doxygen comments.  
1656 5704d 16h cejka /uspace/trunk/libc/ Another doxygen comments.  
1655 5704d 16h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/tools/ Fix bad fix.  
1654 5704d 16h palkovsky /boot/trunk/tools/ Fix bad fix.  
1653 5704d 18h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Doxygen comments.  
1652 5704d 19h palkovsky /kernel/trunk/tools/ Fixed bad dialog in config.  
1651 5704d 19h palkovsky /boot/trunk/tools/ Fixed config with bad dialog.  
1650 5704d 19h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/tools/ Fixed config with bad dialog.  
1649 5704d 20h cejka /uspace/trunk/ Doxygen comments update.  
1648 5704d 20h palkovsky /uspace/trunk/ Fixed race condition in async framework on phone disconnect.  

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