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1969 5813d 00h jermar /tags/ Fix 0.1.0 tag.  
1968 5813d 00h jermar /tags/ Canonize pre- tags: remove inner branches, tags and trunk directories.
The change now should reflect how those releases looked like after checkout.
1962 5813d 00h jermar /tags/0.1.0/ Tagging release 0.1.0  
452 6167d 02h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/ major build system revision (unfinished)
this patchset most definitively breaks a lot of things, be patient
451 6167d 03h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia32/src/boot/ (ignore this :))  
450 6167d 03h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia32/src/boot/ (ignore this :))  
449 6167d 03h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia32/boot/ (ignore this :))  
448 6167d 03h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia32/boot/ (ignore this :))  
447 6167d 04h decky /uspace/ Initial import of user-space stuff  
446 6167d 05h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/ initial (very raw) user space support  
445 6167d 06h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/ ia64 work.
Fix SP_DELTA alignment.
444 6167d 07h vana /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/ Context restore in HEAVYWEIGHT handlers  
443 6167d 08h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/ ia64 work.
Do not break memory stack alignment in heavyweight interrupt handler.
Reserve scratch area for nested procedure calls on memory stack.
442 6167d 09h vana /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ sp should not be decremented after last save  
441 6167d 09h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ r12 (stack pointer) must be descremented prior to storing data into new memory stack frame.  
440 6168d 05h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/generic/include/mm/ Add some comments for buddy system operations.  
439 6168d 05h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ Two small ia64 improvements.  
438 6168d 06h jermar /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia64/src/ ia64 work.
Heavyweight handler should be complete up to the point where it switches back to interrupted RSE context.
437 6169d 00h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/arch/ia32/src/smp/ update comments  
436 6169d 00h decky /SPARTAN/trunk/doc/arch/ new tested IA-32 SMP machines  

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