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2498 5977 d 21 h jermar /branches/rcu/kernel/test/avltree/ Cleanup the avltree1 test.  
2497 5977 d 22 h jermar /branches/rcu/kernel/generic/src/adt/ Cleanup of the RCU branch.
Get rid of some of the code duplication in avl.c by introducing the REBALANCE()
macro and the repair() function.
2496 5979 d 21 h jermar /branches/rcu/kernel/generic/ Cleanup of the RCU branch.
Cleanup avl.h and avl.c a little bit.
Do we really need to have so much of code replication even within one AVL
tree implementation?
2466 6027 d 4 h mencl /branches/rcu/kernel/ Added forgoten favl.h and favl.c and changed balance atribute of avl
tree to int8_t.
2463 6029 d 9 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/genarch/src/kbd/ Fixed a typo  
2461 6029 d 22 h mencl /branches/rcu/kernel/ Added Fast avl tree structure which should be used as timeout data structure instead of simple avl tree. This
structure has much faster search min and delete min operations (constant time).
2456 6030 d 20 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ Model use of RCU  
2450 6033 d 0 h mencl /branches/rcu/kernel/ Repaired avl and extavl tree timeout unregister and delete_min. These
faults caused problems with initializing cpus and they appeared only in
multi processor systems.
2431 6039 d 20 h mencl /branches/rcu/kernel/ Repaired extavl and extavlrel data structures, added benchmark tests for avl based data structures and
simulating timeout mechanismus
2430 6040 d 21 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ finished RCU tests, polishing, style, comments  
2421 6041 d 20 h mencl /branches/rcu/kernel/ Repaired and debuged data structures and added timeout test  
2416 6042 d 20 h mencl /branches/rcu/ All timeout structures and tests added
Use timeout structures in timeout mechanism - not tested yet
2400 6046 d 7 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ Renamed rcu_sync_callback, added stronger test  
2336 6053 d 21 h mencl /branches/rcu/  
2330 6056 d 18 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ RCU implementation finally done, removed debug prints, polishing, comments  
2315 6057 d 19 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ update of waitq from trunk
some debug printouts in rcu
-O0 hack
2309 6060 d 20 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/ Improved tasklets and RCU, still imperfect though  
2308 6060 d 20 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/generic/ replaced WAKEUP_ALL and WAKEUP_FIRST with a flag  
2307 6060 d 20 h hudecek /branches/rcu/ Updated branch to latest trunk revision  
2297 6067 d 18 h hudecek /branches/rcu/kernel/generic/src/proc/  

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