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3742 5027d 21h rimsky /branches/sparc/ The sparc branch synchronized with trunk at revision 3722 (trunk@3722).  
3694 5043d 10h svoboda /branches/dynload/kernel/generic/src/time/ Merge c3680 from trunk to dynload.  
3693 5043d 11h svoboda /branches/tracing/boot/arch/ Do not forget to add debug to initrd on arm32 and ppc32.  
3691 5043d 13h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/ Fix linker scripts.  
3690 5043d 13h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Use PT_DYNAMIC header so that even 'file' says the executables are dynamically-linked.  
3689 5045d 12h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Fix search scope. Vary bias. Relocate loaded libs. Fix bugs. Test with libtest. dlopen() really works now!  
3688 5045d 13h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/rtld/ Always halt on unknown relocation types. Add R_386_COPY. Ignore DTPMOD relocs for now.  
3687 5045d 14h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Implement R_386_PC32 relocation.  
3686 5046d 09h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Somewhat functional dlopen() prototype.  
3685 5046d 10h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/ successful loopback interface startup and configuration, bidirectional connection deadlock resolved  
3684 5046d 14h svoboda /branches/tracing/ Merge latest trunk changes to tracing.  
3682 5046d 16h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/app/dload/arch/ppc32/ Change dload base on ppc32 to avoid conflict with as_get_mappable_page() causing klog crashing.  
3681 5046d 17h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Reorganize: move dynamic loader to /app/dload, dynamic linker librtld.a. (prepare for dlopen support).  
3677 5048d 10h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Merge latest trunk changes to dynload.  
3675 5048d 11h svoboda /branches/tracing/ Merge latest trunk changes to tracing.  
3674 5048d 11h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Merge latest trunk changes to dynload.  
3673 5048d 11h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/rtld/ Remove obsolete parts of dynamic linker.  
3666 5051d 09h mejdrech /branches/network/ network startup, netif skeleton, loopback interface, network interface initialization, edited module skeletons  
3665 5051d 10h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Merged latest trunk changes into the sparc brach.  
3664 5051d 10h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Added some SunBlade 1500 stuff (part of it is just temporary - e.g. the new visual). Some small fixes and enhancements.  

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