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3886 4979d 02h mejdrech /branches/network/ restructured source files  
3869 4981d 13h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Make dlopen() work from statically-linked apps. Test with dltest2.  
3864 4983d 12h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/src/sun4v/ Allocated bigger memory block for the Machine Description. This was the problem which prevented running HelenOS on real Niagara. Now all kernel tests except for 'slab2' pass on real Niagara.  
3863 4984d 11h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Simics machine: modifications needed to run userspace (the next step will be to implement the trap handler for uspace); real machine: small fixes, after them the machine passes some parts of the initialization, but fails to determine CPU frequency (probably due to a different format of Machine Description).  
3862 4987d 12h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/ Changed the structure of header files, which have sun4u and sun4v versions. Implemented some sun4v TSB functions.  
3858 4988d 22h decky /branches/ remove the unused G5 branch, the ppc64 port will be resurrected in the trunk  
3846 4991d 10h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/ Added an ARP module, assigned numbers' definitions, common functions-htons,inet_ntop and others  
3835 4992d 11h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/ Niagara: Implemented (and debugged) installing identity mapping for kernel. Now all the kernel tests pass on Simics.  
3817 5000d 11h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/ Progress on Niagara: Commented out portions of mm, which are not required for kernel threads (temporarily). Scheduler is working. Implemented a driver of hypervisor's standard input. Kernel console is usable.  
3801 5004d 13h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/src/trap/sun4v/ Minor fixes in the preemptible trap handler.  
3798 5005d 12h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/ Implemented preemptible trap handler for sun4v for trapping from kernel (not userspace). Not properly tested/debugged yet. HelenOS now reaches the as_install_arch function (where it, of course, fails).  
3783 5017d 13h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/ Machine description traversal implemented. Now used to detect CPU frequency.  
3773 5020d 11h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/srv/loader/ Remove accidentally added debugging messages.  
3772 5020d 12h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Unfinished Mips32 dynamic linker port (not working!) Also fixes related to using DLLs from statically-linked executables.  
3771 5020d 13h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/ Forgotten files comitted to repository.  
3770 5020d 13h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Working on Niagara port - TLB initialization, MMU fault status area initialization, hypercall enhancement, modified tick.c so that the (hyperprivileged) TICK register does not have to be accessed. Now the initialization phase proceeds, but some parts of it are omitted for now (e.g. CPU initialization).  
3759 5023d 17h pillai /branches/arm/ Add gdb installation to arm toolchain  
3748 5027d 14h rimsky /branches/sparc/kernel/arch/sparc64/ Be careful to preserve the output registers when processing the fast data access MMU miss.  
3745 5027d 20h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Merged latest trunk changes (revs 3722 to 3744) into the sparc branch.  
3743 5027d 21h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Started to implement support for sun4v. Bootloader adapted to autodetect the architecture (sun4u, sun4v). Some generic sparc64 kernel files split into sun4u and sun4v versions (but the sun4u is still the default in many cases - in order to keep the code compilable). Implemented taking over the MMU. Implemented routines for performing the hypervisor API calls. Implemented a trivial standard output driver. HelenOS banner can now be printed from the kernel on Niagara.  
3742 5027d 22h rimsky /branches/sparc/ The sparc branch synchronized with trunk at revision 3722 (trunk@3722).  
3694 5043d 11h svoboda /branches/dynload/kernel/generic/src/time/ Merge c3680 from trunk to dynload.  
3693 5043d 12h svoboda /branches/tracing/boot/arch/ Do not forget to add debug to initrd on arm32 and ppc32.  
3691 5043d 14h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/ Fix linker scripts.  
3690 5043d 14h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Use PT_DYNAMIC header so that even 'file' says the executables are dynamically-linked.  
3689 5045d 13h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Fix search scope. Vary bias. Relocate loaded libs. Fix bugs. Test with libtest. dlopen() really works now!  
3688 5045d 14h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/rtld/ Always halt on unknown relocation types. Add R_386_COPY. Ignore DTPMOD relocs for now.  
3687 5045d 15h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Implement R_386_PC32 relocation.  
3686 5046d 10h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Somewhat functional dlopen() prototype.  
3685 5046d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/ successful loopback interface startup and configuration, bidirectional connection deadlock resolved  
3684 5046d 16h svoboda /branches/tracing/ Merge latest trunk changes to tracing.  
3682 5046d 17h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/app/dload/arch/ppc32/ Change dload base on ppc32 to avoid conflict with as_get_mappable_page() causing klog crashing.  
3681 5046d 18h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Reorganize: move dynamic loader to /app/dload, dynamic linker librtld.a. (prepare for dlopen support).  
3677 5048d 11h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/ Merge latest trunk changes to dynload.  
3675 5048d 12h svoboda /branches/tracing/ Merge latest trunk changes to tracing.  
3674 5048d 12h svoboda /branches/dynload/ Merge latest trunk changes to dynload.  
3673 5048d 12h svoboda /branches/dynload/uspace/lib/rtld/ Remove obsolete parts of dynamic linker.  
3666 5051d 10h mejdrech /branches/network/ network startup, netif skeleton, loopback interface, network interface initialization, edited module skeletons  
3665 5051d 11h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Merged latest trunk changes into the sparc brach.  
3664 5051d 11h rimsky /branches/sparc/ Added some SunBlade 1500 stuff (part of it is just temporary - e.g. the new visual). Some small fixes and enhancements.