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4759 4663d 15h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/ Net: * documentation improvements, + related documentation pages  
4758 4663d 15h mejdrech /branches/network/contrib/conf/ Net: + Qemu-Windows script, * Qemu-Linux script  
4757 4680d 06h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/doc/ Net: + nettest doxygroup  
4756 4680d 06h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/ Net: * documentation improvements  
4755 4685d 10h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/include/ Net: + socket.h includes in6.h  
4754 4685d 10h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/structures/packet/ Net: - packet server debug print, * global data definition more readable  
4753 4685d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/il/ip/ Net: + ip_client_set_pseudo_header_date_length() EBADMEM check  
4752 4685d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/net/ Net: * NE2000 MTU changed to 1492  
4751 4685d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/nil/ Net: - nil modules unused global data definition  
4750 4685d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/tl/ Net: * packet dimenstions extracted to tl_common  
4749 4685d 11h mejdrech /branches/network/ Net: + nettest2, * nettest1 cleanup  
4748 4692d 16h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/net/ Net: + missing net messages  
4747 4693d 12h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/socket/ Net: maximum received packets limit disabled  
4746 4693d 12h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/include/ Net: redundant constants removed  
4745 4693d 12h mejdrech /branches/network/ Net: time precision set to 1 ms (for nicer ping)  
4744 4693d 12h mejdrech /branches/network/contrib/conf/ Net: Qemu script update  
4743 4695d 19h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/ Net: + IEEE 802.3 + 802.3 (LSAP) eth mode, * code cleanup, * crc.[ch] renamed to checksum.[ch], * net_messages extracted, - debug prints removed, - unused messages and types removed  
4742 4695d 19h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/ Net: +tcp prototype (not fully functional)  
4741 4709d 15h mejdrech /branches/network/uspace/srv/net/app/echo/ Net: + backlog command line argument  
4740 4709d 15h mejdrech /branches/network/ Net: + nettest1  

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